Benefits,Significance and Specification Of Traditional Tibetan Healing bowl For Our Chakra

The healing bowls are also Tibetan bowls which is used for various purposes and  have diferent Benefits Significance and Specification of it for our chakra healing . These bowls were only made in Tibet unlike today; it is made in Nepal, India Bhutan and other south Asian countries. The history goes back to 11th -12th century. These bowls were specially used by the spiritual healing masters on the sick. During that era/period there were no medical facilities, hospitals or doctors like we do today. Tibetans were very spiritual and religious. So they totally had faith on their healing masters. They literally placed these bowls on certain part of people’s body and rang it, chanting some mantras. It did really worked meaning they were gradually healed after couple of uses.

Healing bowls are basically made out of the mixture of multiple metals. One of the most common ones is five and seven different metal ones. In rare cases nine different metals are also used to make these bowls.  Healing bowls are handmade means they are all hand hammered and beaten in a bowl like shape.

Nine different metals are Iron, Copper, Lead, tin, Gold, silver, Mercury, Brass and Aluminum. Among these nine different metals choosing five can be made five metal healing bowl and choosing seven can be made seven metal healing bowl. Since these bowls are made out of multiple metals, Once rung they give a very pleasant and sensual along with the vibrations, which is of course very beneficial to our humanly senses. Benefits Significance and Specification Of Bowl  is to relax the mind and body, to improve the blood circulation and used for meditional purpose. The vibrations simply acts like a massage where as sound gives us mental relaxation. The best part is they don’t have any side effects unlike any other medical drugs.

These bowls can be used on any part of our body as its not just vibrations and sounds it works with but also with our chakra points. Each and every human body consists of seven different chakra points. So these bowls are pretty much correspondent to these chakra points according to their sound and frequency. Above all the most sensitive chakra is the ‘B’ chakra which lies on the top of our head. It is also called the crown chakra as it is believed ones soul while achieving nirvana leaves the body from that point. This is the reason Tibetans always wanted to keep the secret to themselves as they were pretty much spiritual on whatever they did. So when they were asked about these bowls by the travelers they hosted from other countries, they were evasive and they simply lied these bowls to be their vessels for food grains and cooking. But the reality was it was used for multiple purposes. Healing is always the number one option for use.

Other were for using to feed the pregnant women as they believed these bowls hold spiritual power in very positive way for the upcoming babies. And scientific meaning behind it is as it is made with different useful metals including copper Can kill bacteria: Copper is known to be oligodynamic in nature (the sterilizing effect of metals on bacteria), and can destroy bacteria very effectively. It is especially effective against E.coli and S.aureus – two bacteria that are commonly found in our environment and are known to cause severe illnesses in the human body. Known to help prevent common water borne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and jaundice, copper has been touted as the cheapest solution to cleaning water in countries that do not have a good sanitation system. Food and water stored in like this vessel does not stale soon and can be stored for longer. It does so by charging positively.

Stimulates your brain: Our brain works by transmitting impulses (or orders) from one neuron to another through an area known as the synapses. These neurons are covered by a sheath called the myelin sheath that acts like a sort of conductive agent – helping the flow of impulses.

But these days this bowls are also used for meditation and yoga but not just in Tibet, but in the whole world. The practice of meditation and yoga started at the end of 20th century among the people as common. And it took the world by storm.

Now, since these  bowls have  different Benefits Significance and Specification Of Healing  bowl to our chakra and are very popular among those yoga and meditation practitioner other kind of bowls is also present in the market. They are called singing bowls and are basically made out of one or two metals. The main drawback is , it is machine made so has a pretty smooth surface both on the edges, it does give a sharp sound but doesn’t have that quality comparing to the hand hammered healing bowls. They are also less expensive and weight more than healing bowls.

finally these are the Benefits Significance and Specification Of Healing bowl for our chakra.

Different healing bowls are available for different chakra according to sound,

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