Description About Tibetan Art Thangka Kalachakra Mandala

Description About Tibetan Art Thangka Kalachakra Mandala

Kalachakra Mandala

Mandalas are always circular in shape and most of the mandalas will always represent on aerial view of a palace which basically houses of a deity or a powerful mantra. Kalachakra mandala is the most renowned mandala of all. The kalachakra ceremony and kalachakra mandala taantra was there in existence since the early ages of Buddhism but the one who introduced it in a graphic form mandala was none other than Tenzin Gyatso his holiness the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet. The kalachakra ceremony along with the mandala was initiated in the year 1954 A.D in Norbulingka, Tibet. Kalachakra mandala for the ceremony is always done out of colorful sand particles especially the ceremony initiated by his holiness himself. In some other occasion’s kalachakra mandala can also be created with rice flower petals and cursed materials such as jewels.

Kalachakra Mandala houses kalachakra along with his consort vishowmata at the centre or the topmost part of the palace. These two deities represent the union of wisdom and compassion. So we can understand if we accept kalachakra within our self we are accepting peace in our life. Throughout his holiness dalai lama’s Life he has initiated a lot of kalachakra ceremony in different parts of the world. The ceremony normally last around 12 days. In these 12 days the mandala made out of sand is prayed upon and then destroyed at the end of the ceremony giving a true example of impermanence. Thus the kalachakra mandala is also called the wheel of Time. Impermanence is the key factor one has to accept in order to have a happy and peaceful life. The ceremony and the mandala is always performed every year in order to let more and more people to know about its true message.

Simple structure of Kalachakra mandala

Architectural structure of the Kalachakra mandala can be either done in a two dimensional or three dimensional perspectives. The one which is very famous and used for the kalachakra acrimony is two dimensional. The mandala is made out of two geometrical figures i.e. squares and circles which are aligned one within the other.

The square one represents the actual palace that comes like a pyramid and the circles are as protective elements. Focusing at the center will always be a beautiful lotus that simply represents Nirvana the stage of enlightenment which we as a human being have to achieve. In order to get that point there will be a lot of obstacles and purification required. The palace has four different gates at four different directions and inside those four different gates there will be other three gates on each side leading us to the center .So, we can understand what ever path we choose the goal for us will remain constant. The outermost gate at four different directions represents the gate of body. The second gate through the gate of body is the gate of speech. The third one is gate of mind. And the last one near to nirvana is an open gate, the gate of wisdom. These gates explain that one has to purify themselves through these gates to achieve Nirvana. Now right outside the palace are circles surrounding it. These are six outer circle that represents five cosmic elements and the circle of wisdom. The first yellow earth , Blue for water , red for fire, black for air, green for space and outermost is wisdom circle. Lastly about the background colors, four different colors can be done:

  1. Red for : Power and positive energy
  2. Green for: mother nature and fearlessness
  3. Blue for: Peace and Good health
  4. Yellow/orange for: Love and compassion

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