Healing with sound and singing bowls

Healing Bowl

Many singing bowl therapists perform aura and chakra treatments. The aura is the ethereal field that surrounds and penetrates objects and living beings, and can be perceived by sensitive and clairvoyant people as a colored haze. Our physical body and the subtle bodies of the aura (the emotional, mental, sacral, spiritual and ethereal bodies) are inextricably linked and are actually intermingled. The vibrations of music in general, of the planets colors and the singing bowls are caught by the ethereal body, screened and passed on to the other bodies. As the ethereal body is the outer most of all these bodies, it works as a sort of shield against negative influences. When tears, dark spots and holes appear in the ethereal body as the result of stress, worry, violence or violent emotions, you can no longer function adequately and are psychologically and physically out of balance. A sensitive singing bowl therapist will intuitively hear, see and feel whether there are any weak spots in the aura and if so, where they are.

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